UV Bulbs; Problems of Quality?

By | November 11, 2011


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UV Bulb Troubleshooting)

The use of UV-C Sterilization for aquariums, ponds, and home/office air and/or water purification has grown in popularity.

HOWEVER, so has the use of low quality electronic ballasts that often fail in months instead of years.
While most sellers of UV Replacement Bulbs still utilize at least reasonable quality Hot Cathode UVC Bulbs, Lamps; the same CANNOT be said for the manufacturers of UV Sterilizers of late.

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Even the best in reliable Compact UV Sterilizers (the Terminator), does not have the ballast quality that they used to have.
Worse is the very over rated Coralife Turbo Twist which has had 100% ballast failures within months according aquarium/pond maintenance professionals.

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What is very unfortunate from my experience along with others in the aquarium/pond industry; is that persons will purchase a UV Bulb that goes out either immediately or in a few months due to these poor quality ballasts than blame the seller of the UVC Bulb, making comments such as “Cheap Chinese Bulb” (even when the bulb is not even Chinese made) when in reality it is the low quality Chinese Ballast that is the problem???
Worse yet these same persons when finally convinced that their UV Sterilizer is the problem will go out and purchase another low quality UV Sterilizer such as the Turbo Twist, Laguna, Sunterra, AquaTop, Jebo and many other similar Ultraviolet Sterilizers that use these same low quality Chinese Ballasts, then repeat this cycle.

tmc8and15wattballasttnThe bottom line is when you realize you were misled into purchasing one of these low quality UV Sterilizers, I suggest spending a few extra dollars for a UV Sterilizer that has ballast that last many years instead of months, and has replacement parts available world wide at reasonable prices and finally just as importantly has the most efficient flow, Dwell Time pattern of ANY UV Sterilizer!

While this may seem like an over the top sales pitch, the FACTS are low quality ballasts are 90% of the cause of UVC Replacement Bulb failure, and ignoring this fact and purchasing a Compact UV Sterilizer or Submersible UV Sterilizer of which most have low quality ballasts to save a few dollars or worse refusing to admit to owning a poor quality UV and blaming the UV Replacement bulbs seller is simply irresponsible and you have no one to blame but yourself.
Sorry for the harsh point above, but based on the plethora of feedback I have received and from aquarium maintenance professionals this needed to be said!!

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