Rena Filstar XP Filters

By | April 17, 2011

rena2Filstar XP Filter
The extremely quiet Filstar XP Filters are excellent for use in Fresh and saltwater of aquariums. It has a large bio mechanical and chemical media capacity, strong flow rates and solid construction combined with ease of maintenance.

*Simple Installation
*Easy to Use
*Maximum Performance & Reliability
*Complete with ALL media needed!

For further information or to purchase, please follow this link:
Rena Canister Filter; Filstar XP1 & XP2 Filter Systems


For your Filstar, we recommend utilizing a UV Sterilizer in the out flow return to the aquarium. This will add to your aquarium Filstar system by providing UV Sterilization which will improve Redox (resulting in improved fish immunity) as well as an aid to disease prevention.
Make sure that your UV bulb is changed every six months for maximum effectiveness too!

A Sponge Filter also makes an excellent compliment to a Filstar Canister Filter (or any canister filter) by virtue of increasing the aquarium bio capacity and simply as a practical and economical back up to your primary filter system.


Finally to compliment your aquarium filter system, a good light system is essential for most high end aquarium systems:
This article contains information and further references that is second to none for those seeking the best lighting information.


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