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Tropic Marine Centre Aquarium & Pond Products have been known for years in Europe (decades actually) as THE PREMIER fresh/marine aquarium as well as pond equipment company.
As well TMC is the authorized distributor for Quality Marine USA marine fish exports, who are the world leaders in ethical marine husbandry and healthy marine fish/reef invertebrates.

In speaking with many friends in the aquarium products/livestock industry, one thing that used to stand out about Tropic Marine Centre/Tropic Marin and that is this company has in the past backed the professionals such as the aquarium maintenance companies and high end aquarium speciality stores as well as selling via a high end professional distributor [Quality Marine USA].
Listening and responding to what these professionals asked. Also getting products (& livestock) that worked (and would be healthy as per livestock). Examples include the Tropic Marin Sea Salts, the AquaRay LED lights, and the Vecton UV Sterilizers.

Unfortunately of late TMC is but a shell of the company they used to be when it comes to backing professionals. Thankfully their products are still quality, if you can get them, but their backing of professional retailers and distributors is a thing of the past.

Still for the end consumer, one of TMCs positives over many other aquarium supply manufacturers is when there is a problem or warranty issue, TMC is still retailer based.
This means all returns are simply handled by the retailer purchased from, resulting in quick hassle free returns often with a new product. Compare this with manufacturer based returns that are becoming more common where by the buyer must send the product to the manufacturer, often waiting for a few weeks and often resulting in a refurbished replacement product!!

As well, speaking of warranty issues, TMC provides the longest warranty for their cutting edge, highest PUR LED lights with a 5 year fixture warranty; no other high end LED manufacturer even comes close with most only offering 1 year and a few offering two years

TMC is on the cutting edge in many areas, especially LED Lights/Lighting.

Here is the leading North American Retailer of their LEDs, whom I purchase from:
Premium High PUR Aquarium LED Lights from AAP

In other areas of aquarium equipment, TMC has improved on products that already are well known; often for prices that are lower while providing a superior product.

Examples here include the TMC Ozone Generator and Reverse Osmosis Aquarium Water Filter System

My Sources:


v2skimmer400tn*TMC V2 Marine Protein Skimmer

  • High performance, quality protein skimmer incorporating a patented venturi injection system which optimizes the perfect mixture of fine air bubbles and water and ensures intensive, efficient skimming and the removal of proteins and other harmful toxins (waste) from the aquarium.
  • Ozone Compatible; The V2 can be combined with an Ozone Generator for even more efficiency, in fact when used with an Ozone Generator this premium Venturi Skimmer can surpass any available Needle/Mesh Wheel Skimmer.

tmcozonegeneratortn2*TMC V² O³ Zone Ozone Generator

  • Unique “high purity ceramic” ozone cell design with microprocessor-controlled fan cooling for highly efficient and reliable operation
  • The TMC V2 Ozone Generator raises oxidizing levels within a Protein Skimmer or similar containment device for freshwater, this in turn helps to break down harmful waste products produced by fish, removing yellowing compounds and creating crystal clear water.

v2rounittn*TMC V²Pure Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

  • Simply the best RO System for Aquariums under $300!!
  • Three-stage, professional RO (reverse osmosis) system incorporating high quality components including a TDS Meter in Advanced Models.
  • 10 inch Sediment/Micron pre-filter cartridge which functions as a first stage filter, removing particles of up to 5 microns from the water while also protecting and prolonging the life of the RO membrane. This pre-filter is enclosed inside a transparent filter housing so it is easy to see when the filter needs to be changed.
  • 10 inch activated catalytic carbon block filter which offers the highly effective removal of contaminants such as chlorine/chloramines and colorants from the water.
    Most RO and RO/DI systems commonly sold via discounters and bulk reef suppliers use lower quality carbon that do not remove chloramines, unlike the catalytic carbon used in these premium TMC RO systems.
  • Highest quality Thin Film Composite (TFC) RO membrane, which removes contaminants such as heavy metals and hardness-forming minerals from the water, as well as a high percentage of nitrates and phosphates.

    The other much more common type is the CTA, a.k.a. thecellulose triacetate membrane (sold by Dow), which is much less efficient, but also much less costly. These CTA membranes are used in most RO/DI systems commonly sold so as to meet price points, but the end result is the need to add DI canisters to the system which increase maintenance cost significantly.

  • Suggested use; In my commercial aquarium service business I found the use of a 32 gallon plastic trash can the best way to store RO water.
    We would run the RO water directly through a small hole in the lid of the plastic trash can with a secondary tube near the top to an overflow container should this first container fill while no one was present to shut off the RO Unit.
    The advantage of this over a pressurized RO tank is that with a pressurized RO tank, most are under 5 gallons and once filled the RO System will shut off, of which 5 gallons is far from enough water for most aquariums.
    However with the 32 gallon plastic container, enough RO water is rarely an issue! The other advantages over a tank are simplicity and cost.
  • Very Low Operating Cost; Based on maintenance schedule and replacement part costs listed below, your operating cost is only $ .014 per gallon!

Further Reading about the use of RO and RO/DI systems for aquarium water:
Use of RO, DI, Softwater in Aquariums


tmcuv2tn2*TMC Vecton and Pond Advantage UV Sterilizer/Clarifier

  • Simply the Best Ultraviolet Sterilizer at any price!
  • The Tropic Marine Pond (& Aquarium) UV Sterilizers feature solid construction by a company long recognized as an industry leaders in its innovation and quality of products. As well, these UV Clarifiers are made with UV bulbs that maximize water contact time, unlike many comparable high prices units.
  • See this other very informative post for much more about the “Top Notch” Premium High Dwell Time TMC Advantage & Vecton UV Sterilizers:
    TMC Vecton & Advantage UV Sterilizer Review

Further Resources
For a UV Replacement Bulb Guide: UV Bulb; Guide
For a UV Replacement Bulb/Lamp Specifications: UV Bulb Specifications; Aquarium or Pond

Or for Straight Tube UV Replacement Bulbs for your High Performance TMC UV Sterilizer:
Straight Tube, Standard & HO UV Bulbs


aquarayheader6tn2*LED Lights; AAP Aqua Ray; AquaBeam, GroBeam

This is where TMC is recognized by those who understand the science of aquarium lighting as THE WORLD LEADER with their use of patented and licensed emitters, drivers, and “pulse width modulation” for controlling their ultra premium LED Aquarium Lights. The only true full service online seller is American Aquarium Products with many brick & mortar sellers as well (BEWARE of a “Johnny come lately” non full service seller with little professional experience of these lights online, which AAP has already had to spend copious amounts of time helping their customers after they made the mistake of purchasing from, in particular with controllers).

  • TMC Aqua Ray LEDs includes the improved AquaBeam 600 Ultima as well as 1500 and 2000 Ultima with new wide angle beam that include the latest generation CREE Power High Performance LED Emitters and exclusive Osram Olson NP Blue, which is the first emitter designed SPECIFICALLY for reef aquariums.
    These are the best emitters for Aquarium LED lights available in their price range.
  • Less expensive than T5 Lights when compared to the equivalent light energy of (2) T5 18 Watt Lights & fixtures including; electrical usage, initial cost, T5 annual lamp replacement over the 5 year life of a AquaRay LED light fixture; the AquaRay costs $135 vs. $318.85 for the T5


tmcfluidizedfiltertn*TMC V² Bio Fluidized Sand Bed Filters

  • The most efficient Fluidized Sand Bed Filter that utilizes the most efficient method of aerobic biological filtration available.
  • The TMC V² Bio Fluidized Sand Bed Filter has a versatile compact design which can be installed internally in a sump or aquarium or externally as a stand alone or ‘hang-on’ filter.
  • A must have for advanced planted aquarium keepers as Fluid Sand Filters do not wear off your CO2
  • Also a simple and practical way to supply calcium, magnesium, and trace elements when used with Oolitic sand. These Fluidized Filters work similar (and much more simply) to a Calcium reactor and aid in supplementing essential minerals and buffers!

    See this review of the TMC Fluidized Filter for further information:
    TMC V2 Fluidized Sand Bed Filter Review

Bio-Calcium-Balling-TN*TMC Bio-Calcium Original Balling Set

The Balling Method by Hans-Werner Balling of Germany has become a popular method for dosing reef aquariums with essential elements, such as calcium, magnesium, among others, and maintaining adequate carbonate hardness alkalinity.

When the Balling method is properly used, all levels of major elements remain constant, with calcium levels at 420 mg/l, magnesium at about 1300 mg/l and carbonate alkalinity at 7 dKH.
Many German aquarists who have been using the Balling Method state this method accounted for a doubling is size of small polyp stony (SPS) corals in their aquariums within about 100 days.


  • Calcium Chloride Dehydrate
  • Sodium/Natrium Bicarbonate
  • NaCl-Free Sea Salt with ALL required minor and trace elements

Please read these articles for more:
Calcium, Kalkwasser, Reactors, Magnesium in Marine Aquariums
Reef Aquarium Chemistry Maintenance

Tropic-Marin-Salt-TN*Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt
Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt contains the exact mix of 70 trace elements found in natural saltwater.
Tropic Marin’s unique production process ensures these elements are maintained in solution to provide the natural biosphere necessary to grow and breed delicate marine fish, plants, and invertebrates.

Pro-Reef Salt is specifically formulated with optimized calcium and magnesium levels to promote optimal coral health and growth. Its unique buffering system and pH level have been adapted to accommodate the use of calcium supplements or calcium reactors to help simplify the care of even very sensitive hard corals.

Product Resource:
Premium Tropic Marin Pro Reef Sea Salt from Germany

Please read this article for more:
What Salt Mix to Use?

For the Internet’s premier source for Aquarium Light Information:

Or for an article specifically dealing with LED Aquarium Lights:
LED Aquarium Lights, Lighting


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