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By | April 17, 2011

Synthetic Coral (Yellow Leather, Blue Ridge, Mini 4 Pack Coral Replicas & Red Pipe Organ DeCoral);
Castles, and artificial plants;
Driftwood, Mango Wood specimens!

Filters such as the Rena Filstar Filter & RO Water Filters;
Pumps (water, air) such as Economy Aquarium Air Pumps, & Rio Pumps; Lights and Fixtures such as Aquarium LED Lights; Fish Food;
UV Sterilizers and UVC lamps; Treatments, conditioners and medications including SeaChem Products;
Heaters, CO2, Tubing & more

Shell Night lites, Cowry Shells, Seashells and more

SHELL WIND CHIMES;Elegant ocean themed garden decor

Such as Capiz Wind Chimes

The Internet’s Premier Aquatic Resource with well researched and up to date aquarium and pond information, help, sites, and articles.
Including Fish Nutrition, Aquarium Disease Prevention, Aquarium Lighting, more.
World Famous Blogs
*UV Bulbs

Fish as Pets is another aquatic information site, but with a news twist about what others are doing that can adversely affect the aquarium and pond keeping hobby such as Googles Plagiarism of Websites and their Penguin Update which has now brought misinformation spam websites above true content, such as when you “google” “Aquarium Planaria

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